Burglar Alarms

False Alarms

Tullahoma Police ShieldThe Tullahoma Police Department is dedicated to providing service and protection to the lives and property of the citizens of Tullahoma. The Department's response to false alarms has an impact on available resources. Every year, the department responds to about 800 false alarm calls within the City. This represents an investment of approximately 500 man-hours.

In response, the Tullahoma Board of Mayor and Alderman, along with towns and cities across the country, adopted a municipal code of ordinance targeted at reducing the number of false alarm calls. In accordance with section 20-910 (2), Tullahoma Code of Ordinances, False Alarm Fees, charges for false alarms will be $25 each except for the first false alarm in a calendar year. Alarms activated by violent acts of nature or criminal activity are not considered false alarms.

Registration Required

If you install an alarm system into a business, residence or other building in Tullahoma, you must register that alarm with the City of Tullahoma. Complete our online Alarm Permit Application or you may contact or come by the Police Department for more information. It shall be unlawful for any person to use or maintain any alarm system without a current valid permit. Permits remain valid for the life of the alarm system.

As of October 2009, permit fees are no longer collected for issuance of a permit number. False alarm fees are billed monthly to the address specified in the Alarm Permit Application.