Tennessee Valley Authority Incentives

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Investment Initiative (VII)

  • Electricity bill credits to qualified power customers who make significant commitments to invest in the Tennessee Valley
  • VII is an economic development incentive jointly offered by TVA and Jackson Energy Authority
  • VII rewards end-use power customers in targeted business sectors who make a long-term commitment to the economic development of the valley
  • For more information, visit the TVA website

TVA Economic Development Loan Funds

  • Loans with below-market interest rates to financially sound companies which are relocating or expanding their operations in the Tennessee Valley
  • Depending on job creation and capital investment, loans are made for up to $2 million to purchase fixed assets

Technical Services

  • Site evaluations
  • Architectural and engineering services
  • Land development plans
  • Architectural renderings and schematics
  • Project reviews
  • Analysis for environmental and compliance studies

Economic Analysis & Research

  • Economic impact analysis
  • Company lists
  • Market research and industry reports
  • Target industry analysis
  • Comparative advantage analysis
  • Business opportunities reports
  • County profiles
  • Minority demographic and economic analysis
  • General economic research