Starting a Business

In keeping with our "one stop shop" philosophy for providing services, the Tullahoma Area Economic Development Corporation is here with a full suite of services to assist you in starting your business, today.

  1. Economic Development Services
  2. Real Estate Related Services
  3. Access to Capital
  4. Business Resources & Entrepreneurship

Economic Development Services

Economic development services include:

Labor & Training

  • Labor availability and employment information
  • Labor draw/commuting pattern information
  • Wage/salary/benefit data
  • Pre-employment screening and training
  • Specific on the job training information
  • Local employer interviews
  • HUB Zone Information


  • Utility cost estimates and availability
  • Utility reliability/capacity

Community Data

  • Demographic information
  • Business research and customer / supplier identification
  • Economic overview
  • Cost of living/housing cost comparisons


  • Proximity to key markets/customers/suppliers
  • Common/contract carrier contacts
  • Customs/FTZ information
  • Airfreight service analysis / comparisons
  • Commercial airline service analysis
  • Distances to Ports

Incentive Information

  • Local payment-in-lieu-of-tax (PILOT)
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • State training/infrastructure grants
  • State tax credits
  • Utility grants/loans/energy audits

Access to Technology

  • University of Tennessee Space Institute

Public Relations

  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Consulting consultation on groundbreaking ceremony
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony announcements
  • News releases