How is my property zoned?

Each zone is shown on the Official Zoning Map (PDF). The zoning ordinance contains zone district that states permitted uses and design information pertaining to setbacks, density, structure height, lot size, etc. The City consists of the following zoning districts:

  • AGRICULTURAL a General Agricultural District
  • AO-1 Airport Overlay District
  • C-1 Central Commercial District
  • C-2 General Commercial District
  • C-3 Neighborhood Commercial District
  • Floodway District
  • HO-1 Historic Overlay District
  • I-1 Restricted Manufacturing and Warehousing District
  • I-2 Heavy Industrial District
  • OPEN SPACE OS-1 Open Space Preservation District
  • R-1 Low Density Residential District
  • R-1A Large Lot Residential District
  • R-2 Medium Density Residential District
  • R-3 High Density Residential District
  • R-4 High Density Residential/ Mobile Home Park District

To learn more about zoning district schedules and the zoning ordinance, visit our Planning and Zoning page.

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